Textbook adoptions should be entered through my.fsu.edu. Visit the Office of the Provost's page for more information.

Textbook and Instructional Materials Affordability - Office of the Provost

Florida State University is committed to improving education access and affordability through innovative approaches intended to reduce textbook and instructional material costs for students. My.fsu.edu – Enter adoptions on this site or monitor adoption entry information. Textbook Adoption Manuals – detailed instructions on entering textbook and instructional materials into the course: provost.fsu.edu.

To check if the bookstore has received your adoption 

Go to bkstr.com/floridastatestore/shop/textbooks-and-course-materials and enter your course information to view the course materials the bookstore has adopted for your class.

Follett ACCESS

Follett ACCESS is a program offered by the FSU Bookstore that enables colleges and universities to deliver all course materials (e.g. textbooks, lab kits, supplies, etc.) to be digitally delivered to students and automatically billed as part of tuition and fees. Student participation is through an opt-out process. With Follett ACCESS, students have the materials on the first day of class, stress-free and effortlessly.

Faculty Choice

  • Faculty choose the content provider, edition, and medium that works best for instruction
  • Know that everyone in class will have the same edition on day one — allowing instruction to start right away.
  • No more troubleshooting digital materials — the FSU Bookstore (Follett) will do the work with the publisher and the students to ensure access.
  • Support higher academic performance for all.

Success for Students

  • Students receive the largest discount available — up to 30% on materials.
  • Reduced stress during the purchasing process.
  • Students are day one ready with access to all required course materials regardless of format or cost.

With Follett ACCESS, the FSU Bookstore...

  • Has delivered materials for over 46 courses with 6 publishers.
  • Processed over 15,000 opt-in transactions.
  • Provided textbooks at an average cost of about $78 - a savings of more than 35% when compared to $120 for a new book elsewhere.
  • Provided a total savings of over $700,000 to FSU students.


What is Follett ACCESS?

Follett ACCESS is a partnership between the bookstore, the publisher, and student business services that allow students to receive course materials (textbooks, lab kits, supplies, etc.) through the FSU Bookstore as part of tuition and fees.

How do students benefit from it?

Students receive discounted prices and have access to their materials prior to the start of classes. It also eliminates the frustration of getting their materials on their own since they will automatically be enrolled once they are added to the class. In addition, the charges are placed on their FSU fee account and can be paid when their financial aid becomes available.

What are the savings?

This particular program was designed to provide students with the cheapest option when purchasing their materials. We work directly with publishers to ensure that we are providing a discounted price to students.

How do students sign up?

There is no need for students to sign up. Once enrolled in a course, students will receive an email explaining that their class is in the Follett ACCESS Program with information on how they can access their materials. Students can obtain more information regarding Follett ACCESS at studentbusiness.fsu.edu/how-pay/follett-access-textbook-program.

Can students opt-out?

Absolutely! It is the student’s choice whether to participate or not. Students will need to opt-out by the deadline provided in the email. Opt-out instructions can be found at studentbusiness.fsu.edu/how-pay/follett-access-textbook-program.

How do I sign up?

To join the program, please contact the Follett ACCESS Team by email at FollettACCESS@fsu.edu or speak to your publisher representative for more information.


If you have questions about your course material adoptions or are interested in Follett Access, please contact our textbook manager at kadams7@fsu.edu.